Benefits of SUE

Know where your site’s utilities are to facilitate efficient design and avoid redesign, delay, damage, and injury.

A|I|DATA surveys and documents underground utility data for public, private, and institutional clients. We work with you to provide customized service sets based on your specific needs. From scope development and project management to delivery, A|I|DATA provides professional solutions. We deliver high-quality products that are both accurate and reliable.

Plan Effectively

Knowing the location of underground utilities allows you to improve the reliability of project designs.

Reduce Risk

Without clear knowledge of underground locations, utilities are more likely to be damaged which can result in injury, death, and economic damages.

Avoid Delays

Damaging a utility, needing to relocate a utility, or having to redesign a plan delays your project and disappoints your client.

Reduce Costs

Discovering unexpected utilities typically results in the need for a change order. This costs the project time and money and it can be readily avoided.