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A|I|DATA supports many business sectors that need to improve their knowledge of their sites. Better site and utility data facilitate value engineering and directly reduce utility conflicts and the risk of damage, as well as costly changes to plans or designs. This improves the reliability of project designs. A|I|DATA provides land surveying services and Subsurface Utility Engineering which investigates and locates underground utilities for its clients. If you are uncertain about what’s under the surface or on the surface of your site, then A|I|DATA is here to help.


Markets & Clients

Engineers & Designers

Accurate Infrastructure Data Services Built for Engineers, Architects, and Other Design Professionals

Trust A|I|DATA for complete base mapping needs on all of your projects – site, campus, education, healthcare, linear, highway, recreation, private, state, federal, etc.

A|I|DATA will provide accurate topographic mapping.

You need accurate and reliable underground utility investigation services that enable you to design around existing utilities and other obstacles. Don’t let uncertain underground utility conditions create problems for you and your clients during construction. Let A|I|DATA bring a subsurface utility engineering perspective to your designs on every project.

  • Identify potential utility problems before they impact your plans.
  • Avoid construction period RFIs related to undocumented or poorly documented utilities.
  • Increase client loyalty by providing sound designs built according to plan.
  • Reduce costly construction-period change orders.
  • Get a better understanding of the risks associated with existing underground utilities on your design project.
  • A|I|DATA will bring an engineering perspective and work with you to understand and reduce the potential risks posed by underground utilities.
Land Developers

land developers

Accurate Infrastructure Data Services for Land Developers

You spend a lot of time and money bringing a project to completion. The last thing you need is an unexpected surprise that delays your project and increases costs. Use A|I|DATA’s underground utility investigation services to save time and resources on your projects.

  • Investing in a thorough underground utility investigation during design saves time and money during development.
  • Reduce or eliminate contractors’ claims for change orders due to unanticipated underground utilities.
  • Reduce or eliminate construction delays that prevent you from bringing your project to market on time and on budget.
  • A|I|DATA suggests cost-effective utility investigations to make the most of your development dollars.

Count on A|I|DATA for your land surveying services needs including boundary and ALTA surveys.


Accurate Infrastructure Data Services for Construction Professionals

When you have a project to build, don’t risk your schedule, equipment, and/or personnel with unknown underground utilities. If you want to work for the owner again, then it’s necessary to complete the project on time and within budget. Let A|I|DATA mark the location of underground utilities at your worksite.

  • Evaluate existing utilities in the beginning to understand and plan for likely utility encounters.
  • Avoid project delays, from utility damage or relocation, by knowing what’s coming before you get there.
  • Be proactive and gain the confidence of the project owner.
  • A|I|DATA locates and marks underground utilities including those beyond the reach of the regional One Call System.

A|I|DATA supports your construction stakeout.

Universities & Institutions

Accurate Infrastructure Data Services for Commerce, Industry and Institutions

If you’re a facilities or property manager, then people rely on you to keep the lights on and the water running. When you don’t know where your underground utilities are located, it’s challenging to make repairs or plan for new improvements. This can lead to one costly frustration after another. Let A|I|DATA determine the location of your underground utilities and help you plan for the future.

  • Understand your underground utility infrastructure.
  • Be proactive in creating and maintaining accurate and comprehensive utility mapping.
  • Get the tools you need to effectively manage, maintain and work around your existing underground utilities.
  • Approach expansion projects with the confidence that your existing facilities won’t be impacted by new construction.
  • A|I|DATA works with you to verify and extend the reach of the regional One Call System. We investigate, mark and map the facilities you are responsible to maintain and keep in service.

Rely on A|I|DATA for your land surveying needs, too.


Accurate Infrastructure Data Services for Government and Military

Trust A|I|DATA for your base mapping needs – topographic and boundary.

The infrastructure of government and military facilities needs to remain operational at all times. These secure underground utilities are relied upon for daily operations, often 24/7. Unfortunately, utility records and drawings often lack critical information. Don’t risk excavation when you don’t know the exact location of underground utilities. Let A|I|DATA survey and map the exact location of your subsurface utilities and keep your operations running efficiently.

  • Determine the locations of underground utilities before they are put at risk by excavation work.
  • Identify where utilities are located even in the absence of adequate records.
  • Be certain your development plans don’t impact secure and critical infrastructure.
  • A|I|DATA has experience with many government and military locations and employs U.S. citizens who pass background checks.

Engineers & Designers

A|I|DATA provides subsurface utility engineering services and land surveying services to engineers and designers. It’s important to have accurate utility locations, site topography, and boundary lines so that you can design efficiently using the most reliable base data.

land developers

Land Developers

It takes a lot of time and money to complete a project. Planning your project with accurate utility, topographic, and boundary information is an important consideration to prevent change orders and costly delays.

Universities & Institutions

If you’re a facilities manager, people rely on you to manage and preserve utility systems and to renovate and update efficiently. It’s important to know the location of underground utilities and existing surface features in order to manage them effectively.

government and military


A|I|DATA provides subsurface utility engineering and land surveying services to government and military installations. A|I|DATA locates and maps underground utilities to help you keep your facility running smoothly.



It’s important to know what to expect before you move earth at your project site. Reduce utility damage, material misuse, and project delays with accurate underground utility locating and other land surveying services from A|I|DATA.


Notable Projects

A|I|DATA has experience in a wide range of project types. We provide subsurface utility engineering and land surveying services to a variety of industries.